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Dominic St-Pierre

SCIS Shanghai Community International School
ELA and ESL Teacher
I have been living in Shanghai and been with SCIS for 5 years. I have experience in teaching ESL and Language Arts from ages 10-17. It is my first year teaching the IB English B course.
I constantly look for inspiration and as I cross paths with people in the international school circuit. I am very thankful for these opportunities to network and learn how to be better mentors, teachers, and people...
I ma a language learner myself as I speak English, French and Mandarin. I am looking for improvement in Spanish and Korean as well. Being a language learner has been one of the effective ingredients in establishing positive relationships with my students and creating a more effective pedagogical framework within my daily practice.
At the school I help run a skateboard club and beatboxing club for CAS projects. I also actively coach MS sports. While I have free time, I travel of course and find opportunities for snowboarding and creating art and music.